If you know where to look, there is a wealth of free marketing opportunities for your business available online. I have listed below some of my particular favourites which don't require any particular skill - just some time.

Don't let a small marketing budget prevent you from marketing your business.

Free PR
Whatever the size of your business, distributing a press release is always a good idea. There are several sites that offer a press release service free of charge. My favourites include:
Search Engine Services
Google and Yahoo both offer a service where you can register your business name, address and contact details. In a few weeks you will get a map listing for your company name or industry and town in the search results.Directories
Yell.com and Yellow Pages offer free basic listings while local listing are available for your area. In Rutland, for example, we have RutNet and Oakham People.
If this is still a little too daunting for you, then contact E.V.C. Marketing and we will be able to help you out.